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    Vertical turret lathe (VTL) is a large industrial lathe designed to process large and heavy workpieces that are symmetrical about the vertical axis. It is also commonly referred to as a vertical boring machine or vertical turning lathe.

    The main feature is its vertical direction, with the spindle of the lathe positioned vertically, rather than horizontally like traditional engine lathes. This allows for the processing of large and heavy workpieces that cannot be accommodated on a horizontal lathe. The workpiece is fixed in place by a large chuck or panel connected to a vertical spindle, and the tool is fixed in a punch or turret that can move vertically and horizontally.

    It can be used for various types of mechanical processing operations, such as turning, boring, drilling, and thread processing. Usually used for the production of large symmetrical components, such as engine blocks, turbines, and large gears. It is also used for machining parts with complex shapes and features, as the vertical direction allows for better proximity to the workpiece and easier positioning of tools.

    Parameter Unit CK5123
    Max. turning diameter of tool post mm 2300
    Working table diameter mm 2000
    Max. height of work-piece mm 1600
    Max. weight of work-piece t 8
    Rotation speed range of working table r/min 3.2-80
    Rotation speed step of working table step 16
    Feed step of vertical tool post step stepless
    Max. cutting force of vertical tool post kg 2800
    Max. torque kg m 2900
    Horizontal travel of vertical tool post mm 1200
    Vertical travel of vertical tool post mm 700
    Crossbeam travel mm 1100
    Crossbeam lifting speed m/min 0.44
    Main motor power kw 30
    Dimensions of machine (L*W*H) mm 3580*3640*4100
    Weight of machine(approx.) t 17


    No. Name Amount Remark
    1 Lathe bed 1
    2 Work table 1
    3 Vertical tool post 1
    4 Crossbeam 1
    5 CNC system 1 FANUC/GSK
    6 Electric control box 1
    7 Hydraulic system 1
    8 Crossbeam guard 1
    9 Button station 1


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    What is the working principle of a vertical turret lathe?

    The working principle of a vertical turret lathe includes rotating the workpiece while a single point cutting tool typically installed on the turret removes material from the workpiece.

    The workpiece is firmly clamped on a vertical workbench or chuck. The chuck can rotate the workpiece for turning operations.

    A turret with multiple tool holders is installed on a vertical guide rail above the workpiece. The turret can accommodate various cutting tools, such as turning tools, drills, and milling cutters.

    The operator or CNC control system selects suitable cutting tools and specifies processing parameters. When the workpiece rotates, the cutting tool moves on the vertical axis to approach the workpiece.

    Cutting tools remove material from the workpiece as they move along the radial axis, forming a turning or machining surface. Control the cutting depth and feed rate to achieve the required size and surface finish.

    In order to process different features of the workpiece or enter different areas, the turret can rotate and place the new tool in place.

    Cooling fluid is usually used to lubricate cutting tools and workpieces and dissipate heat. It also helps to remove debris generated during the processing.


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