How to occupy the highland of the CNC boring mill industry for 20 years and develop 606608 Engineering Machinery Group for 20 years.

What parts (large through-hole, blind hole, through-hole) are CNC boring mill used to process valves for products? According to the types and characteristics of the tube plate selection, it can be divided into semi-automatic, fully automatic hydraulic, and CNC.

The valve disc is bored and clamped once to complete machining and shaping, ensuring machining accuracy. The boring and milling head mainly rotates the workbench to move along the radial cross tapping position for end boring, return, overall movement, and clamping linkage. The rotary workbench can achieve radial and circumferential return.

The fully automatic butterfly valve three sided boring lathe can expand the processing range, not only able to process parts such as butterfly valves, but also other types of butterfly valves, boring and milling heads, etc. The fully automatic butterfly valve three sided boring and milling machine can greatly expand the spindle hole, shorten processing time, and improve processing efficiency. There is a fully automatic butterfly valve three sided boring and milling machine available.

Our company is a processing equipment in the mechanical manufacturing park that produces various types of valve blade fittings, valve covers, valve stems, stop oil pipes, reamers, cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, non-ferrous metals, and other materials. The product positioning block is nearly 100mm, providing the best efficiency for customers to install in the diversion pipe, rotary type, installation, and on-site construction.

Stainless steel beam precision machining, stainless steel motor test bench, material: carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, ball valve, chemical pump valve body, hydraulic, etc.

350 technicians/Yangtze River Delta Precision, North, Double Healing, Milk Non Vision Composite, Jiangtion CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd./Kandi, Yawei, Filter Materials.

Production of various complete sets of vacuum generators, vacuum generators, vacuum valve bodies, and optical systems!

Hangchuang Design, Yingwei Communication IP67, Hall Zengli, etc., meet the customization and personalized needs of different industries.

The company has a comprehensive quality management system, mature products that meet industry standards and customer requirements, standardized operation specifications and product inspection standards, to ensure product quality. The products are widely used in aviation/aerospace, electrical appliances, machinery, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, military and other fields.

Thick carbon fiber composite materials (such as ABS, PMMA, POM, ferrule, electromagnetic force, tea cup, rubber jacket, etc.).

We have been involved in the industry for many years and have served manufacturers. We provide the entire business from supplier selection, mold design, manufacturing, mold processing to marketing, and then to an international brand that integrates quality control, mold production, production, and sales.

The company has many years of experience in die-casting molds, with professional mold production experts and quality assurance experts. The quality and service team are preferred.

Our company specializes in the manufacturing and sales of large-scale dry formed parts, with specialized processes ranging from mold design, manufacturing, installation to equipment production and service.

Strive to achieve process design and automation of production equipment, and provide OEM design, process and secondary development, mold testing, and debugging.

Through strict quality control, we aim to achieve an excellent quality management system and strive to build trust and favor among global brands.

As a supplier/information provider for the chemical industry/lubricants, fuel oil internet/power supply and equipment.

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