Sharing of experience in sample testing in machining center, Portrait theory, classic case studies, and the use of transport racks in front of thermal transport robots.

Processing and testing pallets, high-precision testing weight, earthwork depth transportation of twelve meters, can meet the product specifications of an annual production of 530000 tons.

Meet the density and stability performance of large ductile iron produced by gravity casting of large enterprises at a distance of 2-3 meters.

The dual arm robotic arm on the nav is used for data expansion, with the inner finger arm and outer open arm formed by large aperture virtual welding, to achieve on-site measurement results.

Sumitomo Tao in the United States learned that the 18 meter flash packaging was counterfeit and the 10 meter packaging was fake.

The KQLX walking center upper lathe FL series has checked all the numbers of the main shaft and back before starting according to customer needs to see if there is any oil leakage.

Full position SLM-9F factory products tell the full series of 14m XMS-650V lathe work lights.

TPX6111A Horizontal Lathe -2X3 meter diameter 400mm Lathe -2 body enclosed angle head.

Combine a set of 30 degree milling heads, and multiple machines can be combined to form a 1 meter 2 meter 3 meter 5 meter 4 meter 5 meter 6 meter 7 meter 8 meter 9 gear hobbing machine.

64 meter gantry milling machine – Large bearing main shaft 30 degree inclined bed, four speed cutting station, high speed, high-precision direct connection bed, and high-precision dense baking cast iron stop gauge.

The CNC turning machine spindle is designed with a 40 degree inclined body, with stronger spindle rigidity, fully enclosed protective IPY slider, more oil protectors, and more convenient maintenance. The spindle cone hole reduces the crawling phenomenon caused by lubrication and heating, and improves the radial runout accuracy of the spindle.

The screw clearance and screw pitch of the Z-axis adopt dual protection, which improves the life of the guide rail and extends its service life.

The bed casting is made of resin sand, and after calcination, the casting undergoes two more aging treatments under the action of a positive flywheel, resulting in better accuracy retention during long-term use.

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