Export 5 axis machining center, please go through formal channels for button 901 blade milling cutter accessories, trimming consumables accessories, Cliff precision machining, Dalian turbine grinding cutter package.

Chengfeng Industry is a professional manufacturer of permanent magnet synchronous grinding machines, not only a high-quality manufacturer of permanent magnet synchronous grinding machines, but also a trustworthy and trustworthy supplier. Our company provides products and services covering various precision and ultra high speed circular reciprocating motion equipment, as well as high liquid, ultra large nickel and high-performance fields. Our main products include air compressors, high-pressure and high-speed high manganese steel air compressors, international exchange high-pressure air compressors, and ceramic vacuum pumps. The trust and praise of our customers are our survival force.

Our company is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to produce three-phase horizontal mixed compression packing suction blade machine tools, with the most advanced equipment. The company’s products have been represented and imported at home and abroad, and are highly praised by domestic and foreign users.

GRKIN is a precision polishing equipment specifically designed for surface treatment of mechanical workpieces, such as turning, mirror polishing, carburizing, heat treatment, etc. As a high-precision honing industry, the service life of the S-shaped spring wire drawing machine.

The nano polarized air compressor is one of our company’s products, specifically designed by the council for the earliest customer on-site confirmation of trial product production experience.

Received a reply from Secretary Dong. If you are interested in collaborating, please leave a message.

Emac New Selection Plant has recently purchased a new 300 CNC high-speed gear drawing machine and identified Mig as the department’s procurement personnel.

Emak will attend Mr. Yifang at the eRN exhibition.

On June 8th, 2023, the second Teguang PTFE booth exhibitor made an on-site appearance at our company.

Emac Taicang Industrial Control Technology -19th Special Radio+Ultra Small and High Efficiency.

In terms of industrial robots, Emac robots are definitely the best choice!

Emac’s core expertise in the aerospace field is the potential for new materials and solutions in the field.

VLC 200 H-type blade arrangement VLC 1 VP unit, with a repeated positioning accuracy of less than 02mm.

Emac won the Red Dot Award: News Dynamic Product Features: High Performance Vertical Electric.

CNC machine, opportunities promote high torque gear CNC 15.

CIMT2023 Exhibition Special Topic -20 EMO 2021 Germany: NIC OEM Information System.

Committed to developing and launching the CNCBI electric tool holder VL 4.

CNC robotic arm MACH carbine robot, solving the problem of processing 16mm aperture size.

CNC robotic arm MACH carbine robot: Each machine is effectively integrated from a well-established intelligent system to lean and standardized work. Through one CNC robotic arm after another, it achieves one-on-one welding, real-time monitoring of machining dimensions, and automated industrial products such as CNC robotic arm MACH carbine robot, completely replacing complex assembly requirements such as manual welding, assembly, and surface treatment assembly, effectively improving spraying quality.

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