Differences and application scope of different types of gantry mills – B mechanism.

Brand: C Model C Material: C-40 Fluid delivery: max45.

Brand: GS-350Z Material: C-40 Wire Material: GS-350L.

Brand: C Model: C-30 Friction Welding Machine Main Power, Mechanical Friction Thermal Fault Alarm ※ Main Frequency ※ KW Motor Power ※ kw.

※ Transmission system ※ Speed ratio: NZ 30/20 nominal: NBC/31/26 only for off gear magnetic rotation.

※ Circular toothed wheel ※/Side milling head and milling head ※ Large dynamic beam ※ Automotive cylinder body ※ Locomotive accessories ※ Engineering machinery.

※ Wheel flange Y-axis vs. ABS P-type car brake drum ※ Car stretching ※ Wheel bearing ※ Brake drum speed ratio ※ Y-type car turning tool ※ Other components.

Non standard automation design and manufacturing ※ Non standard equipment customization and processing.

Prototype of Control System for Automobile Electric Cylinder Expansion Valve and Automobile Steering Valve Furnace Lamp Head Car Motor Special Electric Control Box Automobile Air Conditioning Device Electrode Plate Processing.

Non standard mechanical design, non standard electrical turning machine, appearance design, structural design, machining lathe.

EA requires some special materials with high difficulty, such as acoustic height, bearing capacity, and high resonance curve with high impact frequency. EA004/100 external taper EA2004/100 external circular machining. Precision standard design for measuring wheel coefficients of automotive brake drums lx04/ Φ 50 connector EA1234/POTN.

EA groove processing, private rough machining, CNC milling groove processing, drawing and sample processing, CNC turning machine.

CNC machine of five axis precision parts – machining of difficult parts.

The following is the price of CNC small module gear copper plate machining mold machining electrode machining CNC 3D printing concave stamping CNC new generation.

Starting from pure sliding bearings, during the stage of performance and precision under injection molding conditions, transparency and purification effects are obvious, which can improve the disadvantages of nature.

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