The export gantry mills is equipped with an obstruction type oil bath feeding machine, with single or double vertical horizontal types.

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Vertical lathe, driven by roller screw, with precision matching of spindle and spindle. The spindle uses advanced splines, and the control method is reliable.

Machine tool. Nowadays, many people have the ability to process components, although some CNC machines also need to be processed. Which are considered good CNC machines? Below is a detailed introduction for everyone.

As a large-scale CNC machine tool, with the widespread extension of CNC machine tools, the maintenance and repair of CNC machine tools has become a hot repair point. The surface and accuracy of CNC machine parts are based on different equipment requirements, so there are generally several situations to deal with equipment failures.

● Electrical failure of the control machine tool. Generally, automatic lathes are installed in machining workshops, which not only have significant changes in environmental temperature and poor operating conditions, but also have a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, resulting in significant fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, the installation position of the CNC turning machine requires strict control of the power supply voltage. The fluctuation of power supply voltage must be within the allowable range and remain relatively stable. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the CNC system.

By reducing the parameters of the CNC system, equipped with self diagnosis function, friendly human-machine interface connection, integrated with comparative analysis, inspection, measurement, troubleshooting and other means, or traditional startup simulators and other instruments, the instruments, meters, and CNC system should be interface connected, with larger connection steps.

Fully investigate the fault phenomenon, first check and compare the correlation between the machine tool and the CNC system itself, classify the identified fault points, and carefully compare them according to normal conditions. If some phenomena are found, timely inspection and troubleshooting are good methods for reasonable maintenance.

Maintenance is an assessment of CNC system maintenance personnel, who must follow safe operating procedures to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.

During maintenance, it is necessary to identify the fault points and minimize the time required to locate them.

What are the technical requirements and accuracy of a CNC system when it comes to blindly manufacturing from a certain enterprise to an industrial enterprise and enjoying the basic technical standards of the working process?

Both production and maintenance require strict control processes, and when faults occur, they must be eliminated first. The inspection and analysis of vulnerable parts can then be repaired in a timely manner, which will greatly reduce maintenance costs and save maintenance time.

The cutting amount of the tool magazine, the weight of the holding tool, and the measuring tool should be uniform, and the chips should be cleaned in a timely manner. This will lead to the problem and be resolved in a timely manner.

a) The fault phenomenon is that the manual feeding mechanism is relatively primitive. When the feeding mechanism malfunctions, the stepper motor will not fly out, which is called mechanical startup.

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