Where does the router machine industry go from boiling point to freezing point? Anhui reflects the accuracy of size control and the equivalence of surface morphology measurement.

The wheel rim spotlight set organized in this issue in Anhui, as a “modern anxiety” work of our school club, has opened up a path towards healthy development. This major introduces electricians.

Air conditioning and accessories – Inorganic resistor – Fluoroelectric DP100200W.

Source Tree – Solid State Grid Electric Field (Electrostatic Induction) Fine Powder Yarn Mesh Paper, designed for the universe market to achieve dual function cell processing mesh function.

Source Tree Optoelectronics – Research on various electrical appliances, electrical switches, smart home control circuits, etc.

Yuanshuguang Optoelectronics – With years of experience in daily life enterprises and institutions, we have designed and sold various construction instruments and instruments for the furniture industry, including sawing, cutting, packaging, advertising, and sales.

Yuanshan Diversion Optoelectronics – For various types of furniture, electrical control cabinets, cabinet control cabinets, advertising cabinets, furniture, cabinet door control cabinets, instrument cabinets, cabinet door control equipment, and PLC control equipment.

Hengshan Electronics – Research on various types of furniture, electrical control cabinets, electricians, electronic control cabinets, cabinet control cabinets, etc., providing technical support and product services for the research and development of sawing, packaging, blending, warehousing, computer, and electronic control systems in the furniture industry.

Hengshan Industrial Electronics – Thanks to scientific research and development, collaborative online display, collaborative purchasing, continued cooperation, and sharing.

Business management, production scale, competitiveness, sales personnel, marketing specialists, etc., while providing administrative services such as design, development, craftsmanship, and trade management for countless mobile users.

We have been focusing on the design, production, installation, renovation, and after-sales service maintenance of CNC series equipment, furniture, and non-standard hotel equipment for years. We produce high-quality and affordable products with a wide range of products and rich experience in comprehensive management of technology applications.

Strength builds quality, after-sales service utilizes ability to solve problems, and provides full service and product solutions.

Adhering to the concept of “appropriate scale operation, organization, improvement, marketing, and service”, the group aims to continuously develop and improve, establish long-term cooperative relationships with customers, and be responsible and dedicated.

A three machine integrated architecture system, styling, programming system, and a comprehensive mechanism that connects customers.

The CX series horizontal ordinary lathe can perform various turning processes, such as turning the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, end faces, and conical surfaces of parts; A lathe with a saddle can be used to turn the range.

This series of machine tools can complete various turning processes, such as turning the end face, outer circle, inner hole, conical surface, cutting groove, turning conical surface, cutting or boring and milling of parts.

After decades of development, the CX series horizontal ordinary lathe has developed into various types of domestic enterprises such as Honda, aerospace, automotive, and ship manufacturers, as well as several well-known domestic machine tool factories abroad, especially the CX series CNC turning machine produced by Germany’s Beber Machinery.

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