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CNC vertical lathe is a highly complex advanced processing equipment, whose main structure not only affects the structure of the machine tool, but also affects whether the machine tool is suitable for (blank and other processing), workpiece size and processing depth, thereby affecting the processing, reflecting the processing method, processing, and CNC transformation. What details should be paid attention to when operating a CNC vertical lathe?

Fully leverage the advantages of CNC vertical lathe. vertical lathe have multiple components and complex control systems. In order to improve the service life of CNC vertical lathe, it is usually required to ensure production and extend the service life of the machine tool.

When choosing a CNC vertical lathe, attention should be paid to product quality. CNC vertical lathe can efficiently turn the surface roughness of workpieces to avoid local collisions caused by improper operation.

The applicable scope and characteristics of the CNC vertical lathe are for different metal parts, irregular parts and deep processing, and can be customized at different prices according to the actual needs of customers.

High production level, high work efficiency, can apply for re clamping and single piece working hours before work, and the reasonable number of discharge times for insufficient atomization discharge of cutting fluid when using equipment.

CNC vertical lathe can efficiently turn workpieces with small surface roughness values and high accuracy. It can perform high-speed and high-precision processing on materials such as metal, cast iron, and carbon steel. How to purchase CNC vertical lathe.

The friction plates of two vertical lathe may be stuck due to the clutch plates being too loose and unable to work properly. When processing products, there is no resistance and it is easy to hold the car. Tightness is not enough, it will accelerate the wear of the clutch. And it’s too tight for you to lift it. Especially when processing products, thread selection is used.

Two CNC vertical lathe manufacturers share the selection principles of CNC vertical lathe: the spindle bearing transmission system and feed transmission system of vertical CNC turning machine,

Vertical CNC turning machine are easy to operate and are particularly suitable for processing complex parts or large batches of parts with high accuracy. They are also a good choice for CNC teaching. The tailstock has a fast cam clamping device, which has high working efficiency. There is a device inside the tailstock sleeve to prevent the drill bit from rotating, avoiding damage to the taper of the inner hole of the tailstock sleeve caused by misoperation, effectively protecting the tailstock components.

The spindle of the CNC vertical lathe is vertical and has a circular workbench for installing workpieces. CNC vertical lathe can be used to process box parts, such as shaft parts, drilling, reaming, chamfering, tapping, etc.

The tailstock is used to install or support automation equipment and workpieces, playing a supporting and guiding role. It controls the movement of executing components through electrical components to complete the entire equipment movement.

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