GMC gantry machining center

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    The structural characteristics of the machine tool: the fixed bed and the table move; the headstock moves with the slide plate; the three-axis linkage can also be realized by moving the beam to the left and right; the 22KW main boring and milling head is arranged. The main milling head of the machine tool has the functions of milling, boring, drilling and boring. It is suitable for the processing of large and medium-sized parts in machinery, steel, energy, automobile, aerospace, weapons, shipbuilding and other industries.


    Item Unit GMC1613 GMC2212 GMC2518 GMC3525
    Worktable Table size mm 1750×1000 2200×1000 2500×1600 3500×2500
    T-slot mm 5-22-180 5-22-180 9-22-180 11-28-220
    Max. loading capacity kg 5000 6000 7000 14000
    Working range X axis travel mm 1600 2200 2500 3200
    Y axis travel mm 1300 1200 1800 2800
    Z axis travel mm 850 850 850 1000
    Spindle nose to table surface mm 150-1000 200-1050 200-1050 200-1200
    Distance between columns mm 1300 1200 1800 2800
    Spindle Spindle speed r/min 6000 6000 6000 6000
    Spindle taper BT50 BT50 BT50 BT50
    Spindle power KW 18.5 18.5 22 22
    Feedrate X/Y axis rapid feed speed m/min 20 20 20 20
    Z axis rapid feed speed m/min 10 10 10 10
    Cutting speed mm/min 8000 8000 8000 8000
    Guideway Type X/Y axis: Linear guideways,Z axis: Boxway
    Precision X/Y/Z positioning accuracy mm 0.022 0.022 0.022 0.022
    X/Y/Z re-positioning accuracy mm 0.012 0.012 0.012 0.012
    ATC (optional) Number station 24 24 24 24
    Max. tool dia,/length mm Ф200/350 Ф200/350 Ф200/350 Ф200/350
    Max. tool weight kg 15 15 15 15
    Others Machine net weight kg 19500 22500 24500 39500
    Floor space mm 5050×3090 7250×3490 8750×4530 10750×4530


    1. X-axis: The table reciprocates longitudinally along the fixed bed rail.
    X-axis drive: AC servo motor drive ball screw drive, drive the table motion, realize X-axis linear motion.
    Guide rail form: Taiwan’s two silver 55-type roller linear guides, each with 5 sliders.
    2. Y-axis: The milling head slide reciprocates along the beam guide.
    Y-axis drive: AC servo motor drive ball screw drive.
    Guide rail form: Taiwan’s two silver 55-type roller linear guides.
    3. Z-axis: The milling head ram moves vertically and reciprocally along the slide rail.
    Z-axis drive: AC variable frequency motor drives the spindle box up and down feed movement through the ball screw, and adds parallel bar weight
    Guide rail form: plastic sliding composite guide rail, the spindle box guide rail adopts the grinding process of the first high frequency quenching and grinding machine.
    4. Milling head: The main milling head adopts 22KW Mitsubishi original spindle motor, and the maximum speed can reach 6000 rpm.
    5, large pieces: large parts of the machine including bed, workbench, column, beam, milling head slide, milling head ram, milling head.
    Large parts of the machine tool are made of resin sand and high-strength high-quality cast iron. The large blank is subjected to hot aging treatment for roughing and secondary tempering to eliminate internal stress; after roughing, sufficient aging treatment is performed to eliminate the residual stress; the finishing is carried out on the CNC gantry milling machine by free clamping. Cutting makes the machine have good rigidity and precision retention.

    lubrication system:

    Machine tool safety, protective devices:

    (1) Adopt the standard “GB15760-2004 Metal Cutting Machine Tool, General Technical Conditions for Safety Protection”.

    (2) In the X, Y and Z three-axis transmission system of the machine tool, all kinds of safety control devices such as electrical soft limit, zero return and mechanical limit are set to keep the machine working in a safe and reliable state to ensure the normal operation of the operator. The work is absolutely safe.

    (3) The bed and the carriage are protected by stainless iron shields.

    (4) Configure the working LED lighting and elevation indicator.

    Second, the electrical part of the machine:

    Control device operating power:

    (1) Working power supply: three-phase AC 380V, voltage range 360V ~ 430V; 50HZ ± 2%. If the power supply fluctuates greatly, it is recommended that the user configure an automatic AC voltage regulator.

    (2) Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 45 ° C.

    (3) Relative humidity: ≤80%

    Ambient air: In environments with high concentrations of conductive dust, dust, cutting oil, organic solvents, etc., the machine control cabinet needs to be placed in a clean, constant temperature room.

    Electrical configuration:

    Both the feed motor and the spindle motor are manufactured by FANUC. System Fanuc OIMF.

    Fourth, random standard attachments:

    1. Basic adjustment horn complete set.
    2. A set of commonly used tools with a set of Allen wrenches and a M36 wrench.

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    What are the key features and specifications of the GMC gantry machining center, and how does it compare to other machining center models in terms of performance and versatility?

    Large Work Envelope: GMC gantry machining centers are known for their substantial work envelope, allowing them to accommodate large and heavy workpieces. This makes them suitable for applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and heavy equipment manufacturing.

    High Rigidity: Gantry machining centers are constructed with a rigid frame and gantry structure to withstand heavy cutting forces and ensure stability during high-speed machining.

    Multi-Axis Capabilities: Many GMC gantry machining centers offer multi-axis machining, including 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis configurations. This versatility enables complex part production and reduces the need for multiple setups.

    High Spindle Speeds: These machines often feature high-speed spindles, providing efficient cutting and milling operations for various materials, including metals, composites, and plastics.

    Automatic Tool Changers: GMC gantry machining centers typically come equipped with automatic tool changers, allowing for quick and seamless tool changes during machining processes.

    Precision and Accuracy: They are designed for high precision and accuracy, making them suitable for applications where tight tolerances and fine surface finishes are required.

    CNC Control: These machines are typically controlled by advanced CNC systems, which enable complex toolpath programming and monitoring.

    Performance and Versatility:

    Performance: GMC gantry machining centers are capable of high-performance machining, making them well-suited for demanding applications in industries like aerospace, automotive, and mold and die manufacturing. They offer the power, speed, and rigidity required for efficient material removal and precise cutting.

    Versatility: The versatility of gantry machining centers lies in their ability to handle a wide range of part sizes and geometries. The large work envelope and multi-axis capabilities allow them to tackle both small and intricate parts as well as large and complex components. This versatility reduces the need for multiple machines and setups, which can lead to increased efficiency and reduced production costs.

    Compared to other machining center models, such as vertical machining centers (VMCs) or horizontal machining centers (HMCs), GMC gantry machining centers excel in terms of their ability to handle large workpieces, perform heavy-duty cutting, and accommodate multi-axis machining.

    Chinese CNC gantry mills Machine Manufacturer
    Chinese CNC gantry mills Machine Manufacturer


    How is the GMC gantry machining center utilized in various industries, and what specific applications or machining tasks is it well-suited for?

    The GMC (Gantry Machining Center) is a versatile and powerful machine tool utilized across various industries for a wide range of applications.

    Aerospace Industry:

    Applications: The aerospace industry commonly uses GMC gantry machining centers for precision machining of large and complex aircraft components, such as wing parts, fuselage sections, and engine components. These machines are essential for achieving the tight tolerances and high precision required in aerospace manufacturing.

    Automotive Industry:

    Applications: Gantry machining centers play a crucial role in manufacturing automotive parts, including chassis components, engine blocks, transmission parts, and molds for car body panels. Their high rigidity and ability to handle various materials make them suitable for these demanding applications.

    Marine Industry:

    Applications: Shipbuilding and marine engineering benefit from GMC gantry machining centers for the production of ship components and maritime structures. These machines can handle large and heavy marine components, such as ship hulls and propellers, with precision and efficiency.

    Mold and Die Industry:

    Applications: Gantry machining centers are used in the production of molds and dies for industries like injection molding and die casting. They can create complex, high-precision molds that ensure the quality and consistency of manufactured parts.

    Energy Sector:

    Applications: In the energy sector, gantry machining centers are employed for manufacturing components for power generation equipment, such as turbines, generators, and wind turbine parts. They provide the accuracy and performance needed for these critical applications.

    Heavy Equipment Manufacturing:

    Applications: The production of heavy machinery and equipment, such as construction and mining equipment, often involves the use of GMC gantry machining centers. These machines can handle large and durable parts, ensuring the ruggedness and reliability of heavy equipment.

    Prototype Development:

    Applications: Gantry machining centers are used in research and development, particularly in rapid prototyping and the creation of custom parts. Their flexibility in terms of multi-axis capabilities allows for the production of intricate prototypes.


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