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    CNC machine manufacturers specializing in the production of various types of CNC machine tools. These manufacturers produce a range of machines suitable for various applications, including milling, turning, grinding, laser cutting, etc

    Item Name Brand Remark
    1 ATC OKADA TAIWAN Optional
    2 Feeding motor FANUC X axis 36NM two double drives, YZ axis torque 36NM, Z axis with brake
    3 Main motor FANUC 22/26KW
    4 System FANUC OIMF
    5 X-Screw Ipiranga  Spain IT5
    Y/Z Screw THK C3,
    6 Bearing NSK P4
    7 Electric part
    8 Leaner guideway HIWIN Taiwan 55 rollers
    9 encoder Absolute encoder No need to return to the origin
    10 Guideway HIWIN Taiwan 55 roller
    11  Main spindle MicroLab Taiwan
    1 X travel mm 12000
    2 Y travel mm 4400
    3 Z travel mm 1200
    4 Between column mm 4200
    5 Distance from spindle end to worktable mm 600-1800
    6 Worktable size mm 8000*3000
    7 Max loading T 8/M2
    8 T slot No. 28
    9 T-slot size/spacing mm 28/250
    10 Spindle drive mode Direct drive
    11 Spindle speed rpm 10-6000
    12 Motor power kW 22/26
    13 Spindle torque N.m 170+BFGear box 680NM
    14 Spindle taper ISO7:24NO50
    15 Pull nail specifications P50T-2-MAS503
    16 Spindle dia mm Φ190
    17 X、Y、Z Rapid move m/min 7/7/7
    18 X、Y、Z servo motor kW 5.2*2/5.2/5.2
    19 X、Y、Z servo torque N.m X-36*4,YZ-36*3/36*3
    20 X、Y、Z servo motor rpm 3000
    21 X/Y/Z Dia of Screw mm Φ10020/8020/Φ6320
    22 Feeding speed mm/min 6000


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    How can CNC machine manufacturers maintain competitiveness in the CNC machine tool industry?

    CNC machine manufacturers can maintain the competitiveness of the CNC machine tool industry by adopting various strategies and practices.

    Innovation: Continuous innovation in machine design, control systems, and tool technology enables manufacturers to maintain a leading position in the industry. This includes developing machines with advanced functionality, higher accuracy, and improved energy efficiency.

    Advanced Materials: Use cutting-edge materials such as high-strength alloys and composite materials in machine structures to improve durability and performance.

    Customization: Provide customized solutions and customization options to meet the specific needs of different industries and applications.

    Digital integration: Implement Industry 4.0 practices by integrating digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and data analysis to improve machine monitoring, maintenance, and overall efficiency.

    Energy efficiency: Developing energy-saving machines to reduce operating costs and meet sustainable development goals.

    Global expansion: Expanding into international markets and establishing global business to leverage new opportunities and expand customer base.

    After sales support: Provide excellent customer support, maintenance, and training services to ensure customer satisfaction and machine lifespan.

    R&D: Invest in R&D, create cutting-edge solutions, and maintain competitiveness in rapidly developing industries.

    Quality control: Implement strict quality control and testing procedures to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the machine.

    Cost efficiency: Efficient manufacturing processes, cost management, and supply chain optimization, providing competitive pricing.

    Environmental responsibility: demonstrate commitment to environmental responsibility by complying with environmental regulations and reducing the impact of machines on the environment.

    Diversification: Expand product portfolio, including various machine types such as milling, turning, grinding, and additive manufacturing.

    Customer feedback: Actively seek feedback from customers to understand their constantly changing needs and challenges, and use this information for product development.

    Brand building: Establishing a strong brand identity and reputation in the industry can help attract new customers and retain existing ones.


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