The phased characteristics and development trends of machining center products achieve phased goals, changing from passive to core dependency, while mastering various basic structures and performance of machine tools through independent learning. Then seize the market and enter another stage of development.

Propose and develop the main focus on adding manufacturing and services, with the addition of construction and services becoming the main driving force for the development of the service industry. Based on its industrial Internet development trend and forecast driven application technology, the realization of intelligent factories and intelligent supply solutions and products “Internet plus” will help improve the manufacturing enterprises’ new technology research and development capabilities and industrialization management capabilities, and increase the supply management capabilities and quality management capabilities of enterprises.

A key industrial manufacturing enterprise has changed its traditional production and processing habits by obtaining big data from non-traditional industrial equipment fields and implementing quality control over production and processing. Based on the QMS quality management system, it manages complex production equipment and provides a comprehensive production quality control platform, promoting the expansion of traditional enterprise production process chains. In the era of big data, achieving intelligent control of automated production processes.

By providing information support and services to the association, adapting to the supply-demand relationship between different industries, the intelligent cloud platform has become a “partner” of intelligent network collaboration. The industrial internet platform supports work scenarios and promotes industrial practice activities.

The terminal supply chain for the industrial internet platform industry aims to achieve a win-win situation through supply chain “partners”.

Build an equipment supply chain ecosystem for the industrial equipment field, based on QMS quality management and service chain partners.

To build an “intelligent factory”, start with details, maintain “Internet plus” and build an intelligent factory.

Through the supply chain of the project, we aim to build an intelligent control platform under the industrial internet. Through the internet and industrial equipment supply chain, enterprises, parks, and construction groups can adapt, connect key instructions such as safety, comfort, and innovation, and assist enterprises in building a digital and powerful industrial internet ecosystem.

Promote the digital transformation of the industrial internet industry and create an “industrial internet park”.

Creating “Smart Transportation” – Guan Xiyou has already felt the era of the Internet replacing people through “machines”. By mining the “wisdom” of factories through big data, it has also provided new platforms and solutions for enterprise success.

Use the industrial Internet to realize “intelligent transportation+industrial Internet” for enterprises. Centering on the construction of industrial Internet network infrastructure, promote the construction of intelligent transportation based on a number of key areas such as edge computing and artificial intelligence, control the existing information systems, and provide new operational decisions for enterprises through the industrial Internet.

To promote the digital transformation of the industrial internet industry, it is necessary to actively form a collaborative, low-cost, and low security digital economy environment to assist industrial enterprises in their digital transformation.

Implementing the digital empowerment of public welfare behind expanding contribution value from three dimensions to multiple dimensions is also a core measure of a country’s contribution strength to intelligent manufacturing.

As of now, the scale of China’s industrial internet industry has continued to grow, with an average industrial scale of 13.6 billion yuan, ranking first in the world.

In terms of process strategy and social mechanisms, the scale of China’s industrial internet platforms is expected to reach 18.2 billion yuan, accounting for 21% of the global total.

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