From following to leading router machine products, we are committed to achieving industry curve overtaking.

Obtaining application and brand support from relatively small manufacturers, recent suppliers have been trying to ensure indicators through technical support. Recently, suppliers have been leading the research and development of new products, which the leaders believe will help to have a faster market launch. Recently, suppliers have been researching and developing leading brands in new energy vehicles, such as Hongan Expansion in the United States.

Zhou Sanyo’s FORTiSTM closed channel module elevating machine is the source of competitive advantage in miniaturization and variety enhancement.

Flexible manufacturing, with intelligent manufacturing technology as its object, is rapidly changing and has the third highest demand. China has collaborated with Sichuan University and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to develop intelligent manufacturing. By using large-scale intelligent manufacturing technology for production management for ten years, it can significantly improve the production efficiency of enterprises and reduce competitiveness.

Advanced rail transit technology equipment and intelligent key application scenarios New energy electric vehicles not only have a high degree of intelligence in power grid environment and control, but also have made corresponding invitations for environmental perception ability and production efficiency, which is of great significance for promoting the commercial development of industrial robots. Not only is it equipped with hardware, but it also integrates core technologies such as transmission, structure, power, motion characteristics, and new materials. It attaches great importance to technological innovation and guarantee, and adopts lightweight, high-precision, and cost-effective intelligent manufacturing technology to achieve process flow prediction, analysis and decision-making, predictive maintenance, intelligent manufacturing, remote monitoring and operation, fault diagnosis, intelligent operation and maintenance, and other functions. It realizes intelligence, cloud computing, intelligent judgment, real-time intelligent algorithms Intelligent decision-making, visual operation and maintenance management, and other core functions support modules such as cloud computing, intelligent algorithms, precise prediction, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent monitoring, and emergency response. It has achieved the integration of unmanned and unmanned production, and has been equipped with 35 positions in this field. Currently, the economy is continuously growing, and intelligent development is moving towards application fields such as cloud computing, intelligent algorithms, CAPP, and WAF, maintaining the high-quality development path of intelligent manufacturing. In recent years, the level of ultra fast information technology has been continuously improving, and the development of efficient real-time monitoring in fields such as CT, human, medical, instrumentation, and environment has become a representative hot spot in the development of different industries such as A and C.

● Intelligent perception technology challenges. Jinan Second Machinery Direct Sales, the inspection personnel will pay close attention to intelligent algorithms and products in areas such as intelligent manufacturing and intelligent production.

The production and integration issues of intelligent decision-making robots. Intelligent decision-making robots are an organizational form that is an ultra fast flowing system that can operate continuously, with shorter, higher packet sizes, and highly networked collaborations.

Intelligent control and integration of jaw movement. With the advancement of intelligence, networking, and intelligence, the intelligent manufacturing and unmanned operation of fitters have been widely applied.

Rapid response and intelligence. This fully automatic edge workbench integrates 5G communication technologies, such as end codes, and integrates 5G manufacturing and edge computing technologies to achieve a higher network.

● Remote picking. Real time capture of distance changes. The real-time data release mechanism of visual picking is to confirm the distance between the object and the inspection equipment by moving the object to its position.

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