For foreign traders exporting CNC boring mill, please pay attention to the main stage of the Italian syTech Dream. Our company has designed the facilities in detail.

The gear material is 40CR, and its smoothness can reach Ra004 compared to ordinary gears.

The lifespan of other gears is related to the material of the mechanical spindle and other transmission components of CNC machine tools.

The circuits of electric and pneumatic devices on machine tools, except for industrial aluminum profiles, are mostly controlled by PLC from Fanuc, Mitsubishi, and Siemens in China.

The control system of CNC machine tools can logically process programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions, decode them, represent them with coded numbers, and input them into the CNC device through information carriers. After calculation and processing, various control signals are sent out by the CNC device to control the action of the machine tool, and the parts are automatically processed according to the shape and size required by the drawings.

The new generation of specialized metal processing machine tools are electrified, and the functional components of old machine tools are continuously extended. At least half of the moving components are transferred to less than one, allowing for flexible processing of multiple types of materials.

When the spindle rotates to the ledger, it controls the hydraulic chuck, hard alloy chuck, tool handle, etc. to be limited to a few wire clamping blades. The hydraulic chuck is clamped once, and the hydraulic oil and chuck teeth are tightened to force the clamping force. Depending on the installation, the clamping accuracy of the hydraulic chuck is 5-10 times higher than that of the chuck.

● Improve clamping force; Quick positioning: The fast positioning speed increases by 5 times the accuracy of traditional chucks, improving the clamping and tool changing speed.

Automatic processing: Using CNC control system’s automated machine tool (special order) to change the positioning method of the workpiece, achieving a reduction in clamping force and workpiece replacement time.

The rough surface of the workpiece should not be directly placed on the workbench, and should be supported by a pad iron or spiral top; It is strictly prohibited to use the workbench for other operations such as correcting workpieces with hammers, welding workpieces, etc.

When moving the crossbar, the clamping device must be released first, and it should be clamped immediately after the movement is completed. The horizontal knife must not loosen the spindle.

Do not use the highest speed of the spindle box to improve the smoothness of the processed workpiece. The use of a micro lathe does not meet the machining range, and the motor starts and stops when repairing the crossbar.

Move the gantry Cs head, and use a three wooden hammer on the excavation head workbench. The other parts of the hammer head (small bearings, splines) are manually headed.

Conduct surface treatment on the workpiece for the scratch and pressing plate, carefully trim (horizontally and vertically), and dismantle the rotating workbench (or milling head) after installation.

Mobile tool setting instrument (workbench) (rotary boring cutter) (rotary drill bit) (feed) drill (auxiliary ruler), (spindle), (external circular cutter), (or (universal milling head), (3D/circular saw), (three blade/four blade milling cutter), (engraving thread coating, rotating diameter/revolution/degree), (length/width/100), (single/bilateral cutter), (anti loosening and blocking fence, with strong ability in addition to its own assembly conditions.

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