Create an intelligent visual feast for the gantry mills industry, leading the technological revolution in various industries to achieve intelligent operation and maintenance solutions for “screw caps” and “industrial machinery equipment” in the gantry mills intelligent logistics, intelligent factory equipment, mechanical intelligent gateways, robots and other equipment industries.

Design and development of intelligent equipment such as gantry type, transmission mechanism, automatic wire feeding mechanism, and automatic protective door, and provide reliable guarantee for industrial operation of the equipment by analyzing the operation results and proposing suggestions from the owner. Provide overall solutions for intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment, including on-site intelligent maintenance and status monitoring of equipment, and develop maintenance plans with integrated data as the core to provide customers with key performance indicator support.

Implement intelligent operation and maintenance applications for equipment industry sites, and propose intelligent operation and maintenance solutions for equipment. Analyze equipment operation status through intelligent algorithms and optimize algorithm derivation to analyze customer feedback. Propose excellent performance standards and optimal operation efficiency indicators for equipment intelligent operation and maintenance, thereby improving the operation efficiency of operation and maintenance stations and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

In summary, it can be concluded that the design of intelligent operation and maintenance solutions for industrial equipment, as well as flexible analysis, innovative design, and algorithmic targeted solutions, can provide intelligent operation and maintenance cases based on “cloud intelligent operation and maintenance+AI intelligence” for industrial equipment, which are widely used in aviation, photovoltaic and high-power semiconductor manufacturing, intelligent instruments, medical devices, aerospace equipment, CNC machine tools The fields of assembly and aerospace equipment are an early and high-risk unmanned, universal technology city.

• Intelligent networking rules specification • Real time intelligent control • Embedded computing.

• Adaptive • Network interconnection • Universal hybrid network connection rules • Flexible connection safety voltage • Embedded hardware.

Adaptive intelligent algorithms for industrial sensors • Diversified report planning • Trusted ADO/DCS (Power Planning) system • Integrated data collection and storage functions • Rich interface ADO/DCS (Power Planning) system.

• Interface risk data table analysis (expert cashier) • Scalable expert scale deviation data statistical analysis.

• Industrial data bottlenecks • Parameter prevention and control layer • Data storage risk data careful calculation • Data storage risk data deletion query scheduling (expert cashier).

Support MQTT, MQTT.

Support 128 types of signage, 5G, high-speed, high-precision, and highly reliable MQTT, MQTT.


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