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With the continuous development of the times, the current foundation for casting three-dimensional solids is made of stainless steel and carved three-dimensional solids made of stainless steel. As a result, with the rise of 3D solid casting, as well as the demand for humanized design and customized maintenance, the engineering performance and product development of intelligent 3D flexible production lines for casting, as well as CAD modification, have greatly improved production efficiency and greatly reduced product costs. Through the production process, process difficulties have been proposed, and the intention to humanize fecal cavities has been prevented, which has prompted design Manufacturing and other related issues are conducive to implementing the process of three-dimensional flexible automated production lines for casting, reducing design assistance time. By creating three-dimensional fixtures and tool materials, production efficiency and product qualification rates can be significantly improved, and labor intensity and costs can be reasonably reduced. In recent years, the rapid development of the machine tool industry has led to an increasing demand for machine tool castings. The three-dimensional flexible fixture has a wide range of applications, strong applicability, beautiful appearance, good connection and guidance, and is suitable for use and positioning. At the same time, it also improves the assembly of various parts of the air gap machine tool to meet the requirements.

The advantages of traditional fixtures are mainly reflected in the measurement and judgment of unique dimensions such as the main dimensions of the turning tool and the arc of the spindle journal under the main function of the fixture, as well as accurate ordinary programming. It is possible to say that there is no concept at all.

The straightness tester is still installed in a drawer style, while the one in Huzhou is solidly tied in 2D. There will be 40 shortcuts for your grabbing and the design of this product to the bench scale. You can grab the tool directly with your hand and see if the 3D pocket is flat.

According to your fingers, remove the opening and align the joint with the position, with a parallelism of less than 002mm and a parallelism of less than 0001mm.

According to the direction of rotation of the shaft and the direction of movement of the handle, rotate the handle to the switch position in the direction of rotation. After the distance from the program position is determined, rotate the handle once.

Adjust the thread direction to 0 so that it is not affected by the thread. Reduce tool load, remove chips, and torque.

Due to the loosening and displacement caused by the material of the nut, the nut can be removed from the nut again between the nut and the bolt, and then the bolt can be removed

If the thread is set to 0 due to excessive looseness in the opposite direction, the bolt number cannot be correctly selected from 0 to require 35 times the bolt and 5 times the nut, which is a feasible operation to make it cleaner.

A method of replacing the nut to stop it, resulting in thread deviation error. At this point, loosen the locking nut on the bolt by three turns, which can continue to push the nut back together and assemble it before continuing to use.

As shown in the figure, the nut should be cut to the external thread, which means that at least one type of 304 or TP304 should be used at a certain position.

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