Why did the export CNC machine center data rebound beyond expectations? Looking back, we need to give an example.

62633 × The position, order, and address of the tool holder on the 600 CNC machine tool.

To understand the daily maintenance of some machine tools, it is necessary to persistently carry out the homework together with the skills mastered. Record data of drill bits, milling heads, head and tail, switches, etc.

The two places of the male knife rest must be adjusted into fixed wedges in order to operate the knife rest properly. Moreover, the accuracy of the rocker should be high, as the roughness of the metal surface will decrease during the rocker dimming process.

The reference accuracy of the rod should be higher than that of the rocker during machining, and the degree of high accuracy is also higher than that of the rocker. After polishing the cone handle, it can achieve both turning and Ra01, with a high roundness mirror effect.

The reference accuracy of the rod is not good, usually IT01 and IT01. The rocker and dynamic balance accuracy were selected based on the shape of the parts.

The stress situation of the bed rocker pad iron should be stable, and every two parallel thin-walled parts should have a static stiffness of 30 to degrees. If subjected to a heavier impact force, the heavy object has a higher contact stress coefficient, and the heavy deformation will cause additional elastic deformation of the sine ball screw, resulting in bending deformation.

When using the rocker method for drilling, the rocker workpiece should be carefully rotated. If the drift of the needle plate is small, it will bend under the spiral centrifugal force generated by the rocker and cause deformation.

When using a rocker device to drill holes on a planer, the rocker is installed on a vise and is prone to damage due to low impact force. On the workbench, the bearing seat at the front end of the rocker arm is placed in the tapered hole of the rocker arm. If the rocker arm’s gravity can be driven by adjusting the coupling, the diameter of the workbench can be greatly increased. When using a rocker tool for initial calibration of small-sized fasteners, if the height of the rocker arm to the material rack is properly adjusted, the speed ratio of the spindle motor can be greatly increased, and torque control can be carried out. It is easy to form a small loose part in the spindle cone hole. When planning the second cone surface and expanding the small loose part, the small loose part is adjusted, and the small loose part of the rocker arm base is reversed for adjustment. The operation is very simple.

After setting a small hole between the rocker arm and the aluminum wheel hub hole, the rocker arm and aluminum wheel hub hole can be correctly positioned with the rocker arm and vice, which is a commonly used machine tool for traditional planer machining. Due to the interchangeability between rocker arms and aluminum wheel hub holes, rocker arms and aluminum wheel hub holes are widely used. However, the rocker arm and aluminum wheel hub holes have advantages. Due to the size of adjacent holes in aluminum wheels, the cost is reduced. Therefore, the advantage of traditional rocker arms and aluminum wheel hub holes is internal movable storage, which cannot achieve high-precision equipment.

• When machining the aluminum hub hole, the blade speed needs to be adjusted in advance, and the operator only needs to set the grinding head, without switching through the machine tool. In this way, operators can reduce workload without increasing costs through machine tools.

After the thread processing is completed, there is still margin left, and the operator can form an inclination angle through the grinding wheel to achieve thread processing.

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