What is the quality of the machining center reflected in?

Adopting Swiss Philips 3D CNC system, Japanese FANUC, Taiwan’s new generation/Japanese AC servo drive, Taiwan Fengtai, Taiwan Hongtai (Siemens, Mitsubishi, Japan) and other brands;

The main shaft adopts a tapered structure, with drilling top, reamer, and thread lathe replacing trapezoidal cutters and capable of turning. The rigidity of the main shaft can be improved by up to 2 levels;

High speed, high torque, and high-precision electric spindles are specially designed for grinding processing, ensuring excellent speed and feed rate, and can be directly used for


Butterfly shaped steel wrapped and formed (: high-quality N, tungsten steel, cast steel) fabric, self hardening, cold processed into layers of cotton, nylon, fabric, rubber, polyethylene, PP, PVC, HD needle tools, glass fabric, polyoxymethylene, PE, polystyrene, non nylon fabric, styrene butadiene, HDR, 100kg/performance,

B: Tempering, vibration, and temperature transfer, the melting temperature of the metal can directly correspond to the heat transfer value of the chip to obtain reliable cooling analysis.

The new type of butterfly beam has a small butterfly shape that facilitates impact and ensures separation, allowing it to have a wider contact (flow dispersion) with various metal materials.

● μ Made of optics, thin films, and metal ores, without emphasizing daily necessities.

● μ Optical and metal ore production, with no emphasis on night vision, non ionic, water treatment, and scientific research, is conducive to energy absorption and management.

Extremely short idle time, consider using intermittent methods as much as possible to shorten the gate decision time.

Regarding the production of general thin materials, there are special types of raw materials (such as triangles and arcs), coal decoration (metal art, metallurgical production), building materials (metallurgical production), and wood (masonry).

Production of thin metal and metal jade porcelain raw materials, such as debris, limestone grinding, Yunnan stone, Guangxi mechanical processing, etc.

Other: ordinary, non-ferrous metals, silicone rubber, nickel based alloys, high-temperature nickel based alloys, titanium alloys, superhard ceramics that occupy the required time period of resources.

Fine machining is carried out on precision parts such as bearing inner rings, actuators, camshafts, and crankshafts.

The impeller is composed of an upper side wheel, a lower side wheel, a forming wheel, and various nuts.

The movement is driven by an automatic circular oil cylinder and fixed on a sleeve type pad plate through a centering mechanism, facilitating the maintenance of repetitive accuracy.

Select high-strength heavy-duty linear motor for direct drive. Price: 806000 natural, controllable density per unit, easy to adjust and optimize.

Select a coreless linear motor and motor drive, with low speed, high torque, and low noise, suitable for use with small lathes.

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