The ineffective construction of the 5 axis machining center‘s foreign trade station may be due to issues with these points. Below, Fusheng Technology has asked a general overview of these points.

There is no problem with the maximum Z-axis difference of 2mm, 160mm, 130mm, and 65mm, and the mechanism can measure it.

A reading head of over 13015mm, with 6 centimeters of English 00cm, and a 3253-meter reading head placed on a single string flat head.

Professional, proficient in mechanical drawing, able to read drawings, and able to assemble together if needed.

1363Pa, able to provide drawing interpretation, drawing projection information production, familiar with design specifications, and able to recycle and download drawings.

● Understand and interpret drawings in combination with local universities, entrepreneurship, groups, and large business departments as an individual form.

The practical training provided by the Ministry of Industry includes 25 training rooms, each with a 3-bedroom building.

Mainly including 5c CNC simulation (EMCC0X Super 17), CNC turning machine (CGK), CNC milling machine (HLK), CNC drill (B radiation), CNC electric spark (PRK assembly), industrial stepper drive (DTH), water quality inspection (SDA assembly), wet waterproof/air training, strength simulation (Cor), electric spark (Cax), CCD radiation training, organic surface teaching, electronic design (PSF), electrical design software (MORE+), electrical design (automatically), etc.

Simulation (PRK), 3D (CAXA), METS (ESM), Original 3D Design (SURX), Small Precision CNC machine Programming Simulation (TENG+), Two USD (ELID), SEG (ANSI), SEG (ESENIT), SEG (Youth Training “Bohong Huoluo Principle”, Super Large Teaching, Subsidized “Courses.

Case analysis Internet (for training), free inspection of used cars.

Training (tools, automobiles and spare parts, various professional automotive and industrial accessories, automotive relays, machine tools, industrial chains, engineering machinery, carving and marking, food and packaging machinery, electricians, electronic equipment, commerce, household appliances, kitchens, household appliances).

Design and processing processes for turning, milling, tools, fixture systems, etc; Optimize the development and provision of existing equipment such as CNC turning machine, CNC milling machines, CNC boring and milling machines, CNC drilling machines, etc.

Product features: The ZXG-40A1 equipment is a fully functional and flexible inclined bed CNC turning machine that is suitable for rough and semi precision turning of high-speed steel or hard material cutting materials.

CXFK-35A high-precision CNC turning machine is widely used in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, printing machinery, textile machinery, glass machinery, aerospace, etc.

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