cnc machining custom

The spindle adopts Taiwan spindle
The feed motor adopts FANUC original motor
The spindle motor adopts FANUC original motor
The X-axis screw adopts the Spanish ipiranga European standard IT5 level
Y/Z axis screw adopts Japanese THK precision grinding C3 level
The guide rail adopts the silver roller P grade precision
The bearing adopts Japanese NSK precision P4 bearing



    Weish CNC Machine Master is a high-tech enterprise with equipment such as CNC machining center,Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines,radial drilling machine,gear hobbing machine,Fiber Laser Cutting Machines,bending machine,Plasma Metal Cutting machines. Widely used in professional fields such as printing,molds,shipbuilding,machinery,weapons,automobile,steel,shipbuilding.

    Our main products include 5 axis machining center,single coulumn lathe,Router machine,5 Axis Milling Head A/C,CNC machine center,double column lathe,planner type boring,CNC vertical lathe,floor type boring,Cnc Horizontal Machining Center, etc. Our machines have been exported to Russia, India, South Africa, the United States, Burundi,Central African Republic, and more.

    cnc machining custom produced by WEISH CNC MASTER uses a gantry to move on the base, and the workbench is fixed between 2 columns. It occupies a small area and the user’s investment cost is low. The processing height can be determined by the height of the mud when the user installs.

    It has the characteristics of good stability,good dynamic characteristics,strong vibration absorption,high rigidity,high precision,large torque. The machine tool’s technical indicators and configuration are domestically leading, its product structure and technology are mature, and its product quality is stable.

    Beam: Strengthen structure. HT300
    Main spindle motor: Original SIEMENS AC motor
    Linear Guideway: #65
    5 Axis head: MEPRO / Optional
    Y axis ball screw: 80mm
    Bearing: FAG Germany / NSK Japan
    Couping: NBK Japan
    Reducing: ALPHA Germany
    Linear system: HEIDENHAIN Germany.
    ATC: Gifu Taiwan

    X.Y.Z.C.A is 5 axis linkage controlled by system. Table moving and column fixed Cross beam fixed

    1:The seller(WEISH CNC MASTER) will dispatch technicians to the customer’s designated location for installation and debugging based on customer needs. Includes Training, commissioning and programming

    2:we can provide the remote training if customer don’t need the on-site installation

    3:promise to replace the broken part of machine during the warranty period

    # Parameter Information
    1 Product Name cnc machining custom
    2 Product Type CNC machine
    3 Place of Origin Ningbo, Zhejiang
    4 Brand Name WEISH CNC MASTER
    5 Motor power(KW) 26
    6 COLORS Standard Silver+Customizable
    7 Spindle speed (rpm) 10-6000
    8 Size(CM) 696*245*290 (Please consult us for specific details)
    9 Export Region Africa,Asia,America…
    10 Export Countries Russia,India,Burkina Faso,Congo, Democratic Republic of the,Hungary…etc
    11 Control system Mitsubishi Control System
    12 Condition New
    13 CNC or Not CNC
    14 Warranty 1+Year
    15 Machinery Test Report Provided
    16 Video outgoing-inspection Provided
    17 Core Components Gear,Gearbox,Pump
    18 Packaging Details 5×40″OT for loading
    19  Lead time (days) 25-30(To be negotiated)

    Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

    cnc machining custom–A Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

    1.Does the cnc machining custom have an automatic measurement and calibration system?

    cnc machining custom adopts a modular design and can provide customers with different configurations according to specific needs, including on-machine measurement of workpiece contour thickness, 3D precision automatic calibration, online workpiece monitoring, chain tool magazine, and online monitoring; optional high-performance Siemens system and autonomous controllable CNC systems.

    2.What is the general power of the cnc machining custom spindle?

    Usually 37-55KW

    What is the general power of the cnc machining custom spindle?

    3.R&D direction of cnc machining custom manufacturers industry

    Modularization, specialization and personalization of CNC gantry milling machine, Networking and integration of CNC gantry milling machines, Opening up of CNC gantry milling machines.

    4.What is the capacity of cnc machining custom magazine?

    60 Tools

    What is the capacity of cnc machining custom magazine?

    5.How many axes does cnc machining custom device typically have?

    3 axis , 3+2 axis, 5 axis. Up to client’s reqirement

    6.Development status of cnc machining custom industry

    The application of cnc machining custom technology has penetrated into various fields and has become an important part of manufacturing production. At the same time, major enterprises are constantly moving forward in the research and development process.
    Practice has shown that the application of cnc machining custom technology can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of part production, reduce cutting costs, and thus effectively improve the operational efficiency of enterprises. and competitiveness.

    Development status of cnc machining custom  industry

    7.What are the different sizes and models of cnc machining custom available?

    WEISH CNC MASTER make the gantry milling machine in Professional customization

    8.Does this cnc machining custom have a tool monitoring system?

    Yes. ARTIS system monitoring

    Does this cnc machining custom have a tool monitoring system?

    9.Does the cnc machining custom have remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities?

    (1) Online collection technology of high-end CNC machine tool working status information;
    (2) Monitoring signal extraction and identification;
    (3) Intelligent fusion technology of multi-sensor information;
    (4) Research on the failure mechanism of key components;
    (5) Real-time online display of CNC machine tool processing status;
    (6) Intelligent fault warning and diagnosis technology;
    (7) Seamless integration of fault prediction system and MES system.

    10.What are the dimensions and load-bearing capacity of the workbench of the cnc machining custom?

    Table size is Up to client’s requirement. Worktable loading is from 30-150 Tons

    What are the dimensions and load-bearing capacity of the workbench of the cnc machining custom?

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