5 axis gantry machining center

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    1: Beam:  Strengthen structure. HT300
    2: Main spindle motor:  Original SIEMENS AC motor
    3: Linear Guideway: #65
    4: 5 Axis head: MEPRO
    5: Y1 and Y2 axis ball screw: 80mm
    6: Bearing: FAG Germany
    7: Couping: NBK Japan
    8: Reducing: ALPHA Germany
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    1 Table size 8000 mm×3000 mm
    2 All axis move X:8600 mm

    Y1: 5800 mm

    Y2: 5800 mm

    Z1: 1550 mm

    Z2: 1550 mm



    Table loading 7000kg/M2


    4 Axis control 5 axis linkage working
    5 Distance between spindle end surface and worktable surface 600~2150 mm
    6 Ram size 500×500 mm
    7 Between column 4100 mm
    8 Main spindle Main spindle:Siemens AC Servo Motor

    Motor poser:22/26Kw

    Max torque:1120Nm



    Spindle speed:10~6000RPM

    Spindle dia:Φ190 mm

    Spindle taper hole cleaning method:Air

    Spindle head balance method: nitrogen balance

    Spindle positioning method: encoder

    Bearing cooling method: constant temperature oil cooling

    Bearing lubrication medium: imported FAG grease

    Bearing lubrication method: Grease

    9 5 axis head A-axis rated torque: 1060Nm

    A-axis hydraulic clamping torque: 4000Nm (60bar)

    Maximum swing speed of A-axis: 60rpm

    A-axis rotation angle range: ±110°

    A-axis encoder type: absolute

    C-axis rated torque: 1350Nm

    C-axis hydraulic clamping torque: 4000Nm (60bar)

    Maximum swing angular speed of C axis: 60rpm

    C-axis rotation angle range: ±360°

    C-axis encoder type: absolute



    The highest torque of the spindle: 298Nm

    Maximum spindle speed: 10000rpm ( Adjustable)

    Spindle rated current: 173.5A


    Lubrication method: grease lubrication

    10 Driven system Three-axis feed motor: Siemens AC servo motor

    X-direction rack and pinion transmission: dual-axis output, dual-motor anti-backlash, four motors

    Y1-direction screw diameter: φ80mm

    Y2-direction screw diameter: φ80mm

    Z1-direction screw diameter: φ63mm

    Z2-direction screw diameter: φ63mm

    11 Motor power torque X: 36N.M (four reducers, reduction ratio 1:50)

    Y1: 36N.M (precision reducer, reduction ratio 1:4)

    Y2: 36N.M (precision reducer, reduction ratio 1:4)

    Z1: 36N.M (brake, precision reducer, reduction ratio 1:3)

    Z2: 36N.M (brake, precision reducer, reduction ratio 1:3)





    Rapid move X axis: 12 m/min

    Y1 axis: 12 m/min Y1 axis: 12 m/min

    Z1 axis: 10 m/min Z2 axis: 10 m/min





    Feed rate

    Machine accuracy

    X、Y、Z:1~6000 mm/min
    positioning accuracy:
    Y1:0.015mm   Y2:0.015mm
    Z1:0.015mm   Z2:0.015mm
    Re positioning accuracy:
    Y1:0.010mm     Y2:0.010mm
    14 Z1:0.010mm    Z2:0.010mm
    15 Three-axis Linear X: P grade roller 65mm (four linear rails)

    Y: P grade roller 65mm (two linear rails)

    Z: Four-sided hard rail

    16 Electrical cabinet The electrical control box is sealed and equipped with an electrical cabinet empty
    17 Lubricant distribution method Quantitative allocation
    18 Lubricating oil flow 150ml/min
    19 Maximum pressure of coolant 0.6MPa
    20 Maximum coolant flow 50 L/min
    21 0.6MPa
    22 Available air pressure range 0.45~0.6MPa
    23 Air flow 0.6~0.9 m3/min
    24 Total power 180KVA
    25 Over size 15500×10000×8000


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