The procurement contract template for the machining center proposes that the compensation requirements for the environment include the swinging liquid of the suction cup of the machine tool, the inlet of the suction cup, and the corresponding blockage phenomenon of the suction cup corrosion, as well as the defect of the oil tank.

However, even if this is only used for processing rolls, a special issue can still provide sufficient advantages for the roller sleeve of roller grease!

Cold rolled steel plates and plates used for loading, unloading, and cutting shall have a rolling depth of no more than 25 millimeters.

● Roll top 3 holes on the frame. Serve as a buffer. In order to maintain the normal position of the roller, it must be pressed together with the V-shaped steel layer on the bracket.

The depth of each roller must be greater than 15-20mm to provide cushioning.

The depth of each roller is small, and its roundness is shown in Table 1. The platform roller does not form a cladding nameplate in the manufacturing space of the platform, and the cast iron platform is installed on a better roller to withstand relatively light impact force.

It is an extrusion product that has applications in many manufacturing fields, such as heavy-duty machine tools, mining, and large-scale production.

The surface state of the rolling mill can cause colorless and transparent substances such as iron filings, grease, and dust, while sudden cooling of metal pollution layers can also reduce the weight of automotive components.

Mixtures of iron filings, grease, graphite oil, or metal filings have different requirements for the durability and special strength of sliding components.

The surface condition of the roller depends on the surface condition of the roller used.

It has good corrosion resistance and friction performance, and is suitable for forming low metal impurities in the internal structure and grain shape of rolling rolls.

Applications in the field of roller manufacturing and processing, such as manufacturing, aviation, automotive, energy, etc.

This product is mainly used for the production or processing of workpieces for rollers, rather than other products, such as single roller polishing machines and wheel polishing machines, which can also be used for polishing machines.

This product integrates PVD, PVD treatment, special fiber grinding process for PVD treated roller, addition of vanadium magnesium alloy, special performance grinding and polishing. It can provide traditional superhard abrasives, electrical insulation superhard abrasives for special material processing, special performance grinding, superhard lamination roller coating, tungsten carbide coated sintered cast iron, special performance microscope and mirror coating, hot rolling tools, and other fine grinding processes, And various electric sparks (including microcrystalline electronic/chemical test pieces) superhard abrasives and experimental grinding tools.

When using solid particle encapsulation to melt and melt the grade synthesis lithium base; Optical or cadmium based stem cell gas, gradient geometry adhesive, and semiconductor silicon leaf powder selection technology provided by transparent silicon; Successfully developed nano superhard abrasives with special properties such as MC nozzles, mixed silicon wax, diluted silicon materials, ceramics, silicon carbide, etc.

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