CNC Vertical turning lathe CK5123

Single column vertical lathe


    One.  General Description and Main application of Machine Tool

    1.1 General Description of Machine Tool

    CK5123 is a high-tech mechatronics products with high Dynamic and static rigidity, safe and reliable movement, long service life and high processing efficiency, which has adopted the advanced design and manufacturing technology both at home and abroad, implement the latest national accuracy standards, equipped advanced function units. A strong cutting of Structure Performance has been achieved.

    1.2 Main application of Machine Tool

    It is suitable for high-speed steel, hard alloy cutlery and ceramic cutlery, which can make rough and accurate turning for external cylindrical surface, internal and external conical surface, screw thread, circular arc surface and complex curved surface for black metal, colored metal and some nonmetal part.

    1.3 Main component part

    Machine tool is made of working table, lathe bed, gearbox, cross beam, vertical tool post, CNC system, electric cabinet and so on.

    1.4 Warranty period is 1 year.

    Parameter Unit CK5123
    Max. turning diameter of tool post mm 2300
    Working table diameter mm 2000
    Max. height of work-piece mm 1600
    Max. weight of work-piece t 8
    Rotation speed range of working table r/min 3.2-80
    Rotation speed step of working table step 16
    Feed step of vertical tool post step stepless
    Max. cutting force of vertical tool post kg 2800
    Max. torque kg m 2900
    Horizontal travel of vertical tool post mm 1200
    Vertical travel of vertical tool post mm 700
    Crossbeam travel mm 1100
    Crossbeam lifting speed m/min 0.44
    Main motor power kw 30
    Dimensions of machine (L*W*H) mm 3580*3640*4100
    Weight of machine(approx.) t 17


    Three.  Construction feature of main component

    3.1 Gearbox

    Gear made of 40 Cr through High-frequency Quenching treatment, the Hardness reaches HRC40-45,gear grinder,Precision can reach level 6.Thereby reduce the vibration and noise of machine tools, improved efficiency and reliability.

    3.2 Feeding system

    Flexible coupling and ball screw directly connect to achieve horizontal and vertical turret feed and fast moving.

    3.3 Lathe bed

    Bed, as an overall structure, is made of high-strength, low-stress iron casting, adopt effective anti-vibration measures. Combination of bed and table base can improve the reliability of overall rigidity for machine tool substantially.

    3.4 Cross beam

    PTFE guide rail wear-resistant soft strip with a small friction coefficient was pasted on the contact surface of beam and column, greatly extended the life of the machine. The cross beam can move along the Z axis on the column guide rail. To go up and down through leading screw with a smooth transmission, small friction, low noise and high reliability advantages. Stainless steel telescopic shield was fixed on the horizontal guide rail of beam( X axis).  Beam grip adopt the leading screw clamping mechanism, safely and reliably.

    3.5 Working table

    The structure of whole working table is hot symmetrical, main gear shifting mechanism was fixed on the base of working table and the bed of lathe. Table radial centering by high-precision double-line short cylindrical roller bearing, to ensure the accuracy of rotation and improve the carrying capacity of the lathe. Table drive gear and all bearings are supplied with lubricant through specialized oil line by hydraulic system.

    The working table is made of iron casting, it is a symmetrical geometry which ensure the working table move smoothly within rated speed.

    3.6 Vertical tool post

    The vertical tool post is made of beam slide base, gyration slide base, ram and other components.

    Vertical tool post can move horizontally along the beam and ram move vertically, both X axis and Z axis are drive by Siemens or domestic Well-known Brand AC servo motor. The motor and ball screw are connected directed by one-way precise diaphragm flexible coupling.

    Stable movement,  high transmission efficient, good precision retention. Guide ways of X axis and Z axis, ball screw, bearing adopt timed and rationed lubrication. Tool post vertical feeding motor(z axis) has brake, which can prevent power-off and tool-dropping of machine tool, ram adopts ball milling casting iron, single tool clamp is on be bottom end.

    3.7 CNC system

    CNC system uses Siemens GSK. X.Z axis digital controlling and two-axis linkage can be achieved.

    3.8 Electric system

    3.8.1 Electric component use Siemens or Schneider, ensure high reliability of machine tool.

    3.8.2 Electric component has label, writing is clear and durable.

    3.8.3 Wiring of whole machine tool is trim, wire size is complete, and writing is clear and durable.

    3.8.4 Hydraulic system and automatic lubricating system components use superior-quality product with domestic permit or collaborative product, quality is reliable.


    Four.  Equipment working circumstance

    4.1 Circumstance temperature: 5℃~40℃

    4.2 Circumstance humidity:when 20℃, relative humidity≤85%

    4.3 Working noise of machine tool: ≤85 decibel


    Five.  Adopted criterion and machining precision of machine tool

    5.1  Inspection criterion of machine tool

    5.1.1 JB/T 9934.1—1999  precision of CNC vertical lathe

    5.1.2 JB/T 9934.2—2006  technology condition of CNC vertical lathe

    5.1.3 GB/T 9061—1988  universal technology condition of metal cutting lathe

    5.1.4 GB 5226.1—2002  industry machine electric equipment            the first part universal technology condition

    5.1.5 GB/T1742.1—-2000  machine tool inspection general rules       the second part     orientation of CNC axis

    5.2 Machining precision grade  IT6~IT7


    No. Name Amount Remark
    1 Lathe bed 1
    2 Work table 1
    3 Vertical tool post 1
    4 Crossbeam 1
    5 CNC system 1 FANUC/GSK
    6 Electric control box 1
    7 Hydraulic system 1
    8 Crossbeam guard 1
    9 Button station 1



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