TK6516 Boring mills

Planner type


    TK6516 series CNC boring mills is the planner type boring series The machine can complete boring, milling, drilling, reaming and tapping etc. machining procedures  with once clamping. Optional equipped with right angle milling head,universal milling head, rotary table and other optional accessories, it can do heptahedron machining.






    No. Specification unit Values ​​and notes
    CNC horizontal boring and milling machine
    1 Spindle diameter mm φ160
    2 Spindle top diameter mm φ221.44
    3 Taper ISO 50( JT50 7:24 )
    4 Blindrivet model D50  DIN69872
    5 Power of main motor Kw 30
    6 Spindle Speed r/min 2-1800r/min
    7 Max. torque of spindle N.m 3136
    8 Max. axial resistance of spindle N 31360
    9 Worktable size mm 2500*2000
    10 Max.loading on table Kg 10000
    11 Worktable transversal travel (X axis) mm 3000
    12 Headstock vertical travel(Y axis) mm 2000
    13 Column travel l(Z axis) mm 1500
    14 Spindle travel (W axis) mm 700
    16 Rotary speed of worktable(B axis) ° 360
    17 The width of T-slot and number mm 22
    18 Min .distance from spindle top to table center mm 100(spindle extend)
    19 Distance from spindle center to the table mm 2375
    20 Max. Feeding speed (X axis) mm/min stepless,1-5000mm/min
    21 Max. Feeding speed (Y axis) mm/min stepless,1-5000mm/min
    22 Max. Feeding speed (Z axis) mm/min stepless,1-5000mm/min
    23 Max. Feeding speed (U, W axis) mm/min stepless,1-5000mm/min
    24 B axis r/min 0~1
    25 System FANUC OIMD
    26 Max. rapid feeding speed (X、Y、Z axis) mm/min 6000
    27 Max .rapid feeding speed(U W axis) mm/min 3000
    28 Spindle cooling 20bar
    29 Protective door plate CE Nor


    Spindle precision check





    Spindle precision check                                                                                                                                                 Worktable on V- axis


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