Horizontal Boring Machine TK611C/2 – Professional Grade Drilling Tool

The TK611C/2 horizontal boring machine is a powerful and precise tool for drilling and boring operations. It is designed for heavy-duty industrial applications and is capable of handling large workpieces.


    The TK611C/2 horizontal boring machine is a powerful and reliable tool for a variety of industrial applications. This machine is designed to provide precise and accurate boring operations with its rigid construction and high-quality components. It features a spindle diameter of 110mm, a spindle speed range of 40-2000rpm, and a spindle travel of 500mm. The TK611C/2 also has a table size of 1000x1000mm, a table travel of 800x800mm, and a maximum drilling depth of 500mm. This machine is equipped with a digital readout system for easy and accurate operation. It also has a coolant system to ensure efficient and safe operation. The TK611C/2 is a reliable and durable machine that is perfect for a variety of industrial applications.

    Max. Load of table 2500kg
    Max. Allowable torque of spindle 1100N.m
    Max. Allowable torque of facing plate 1100N.m
    Max.axial feed resistance of spindle 13000N
    Spindle speed step No step
    Face plate speed step No step
    Spindle speed range 12-1100r/min
    Face plate speed range 4-130r/min
    Rapid feed of spindle axis 3600mm/min
    Rapid feed of face plate radial tool holder 1180mm/min
    Spindle dia. 110mm
    Table size (L×W) 1320×1010mm
    Max. distance from spindle axis to table surface 905mm
    Min. Distance from spindle axis to table surface 5mm
    Vertical travel of spindle box 900mm
    Spindle travel 550 mm
    Facing plate tool holder’s radial travel 160 mm
    Longitudinal travel of table 1350 mm
    Cross travel of table 1250 mm
    Max. Boring dia. of spindle φ240 mm
    Max. Maching dia. of facing head 630 mm
    Max. Drilling dia. φ50 mm
    Spindle taper BT50
    Main motor power 11/15kW
    X,Y,W rapid feed speed 5000mm/min
    Overal dimension(l×w×h) 5375×2995×3035 mm
    Machine weight 12300kg
    Positioning accuracy 0.04/500mm
    Repeat positioning accuracy 0.015/500mm