Please pay attention to the export router machine! The following product names are currently under strict investigation. The recommended model of the adapter. The recommended model of the adapter must follow the specific specifications of the adapter. The actual recommended model of the adapter and the recommended model of the adapter should be based on the principles of the adapter. The country of the adapter advocates technology and trust as an intelligent connection method to connect and use the device head. The recommended service adapter is a flexible matching OSSM version of the service adapter The size recommendation principle of the adapter is recommended. The recommended entry/movement method of the adapter is the acceleration ring service adapter. The torque probe connection can provide the recommended model of the adapter inside the adapter.

The brand offers service introductions such as adapters, connection adapters, ring adapters, piezoelectric adapters, and gilded products.

MoH technology, balanced pullers, cables, fan systems, and touch adapters.

Cangzhen Spring Handle, Cubic Arm Box, Triangle Handle, Multi buckle Handle, Box, Hook, Handle, Mesh Handwheel, Pull Rod, Multi buckle Clamp Handle, Hand Cover, Pull Tube, Protective Spring, Mechanical Snap Mechanism, Silent Hook, Multi level Safety Equipment, Machine Mesh Paper Handle, Flaw Detector.

Adapters can enable pneumatic actuators, servo actuators, pneumatic actuators, commutators, rotary transformers, servo controllers, optical sensors, power transformers, CNC machine tools, precision optical lenses, CNC machine tools, tensile equipment, biological particle machines, micro motors, water, environmental protection equipment, blades, cleaning equipment, filters, mechanical accessories, clothing, footwear, toys, ceramics, handles, robotic arms, machine tool accessories LED lines, modules, instruments and meters.

The environmental protection standard for explosion-proof cabinets is based on the anti-corrosion requirements of the cabinet body. Improvements are made to reduce the impact of cabinet shutdown and shutdown, as well as changes in current and temperature. Its characteristics include low price, compliance with standards, high green environmental protection, energy conservation, renewable energy, and dust environment standards.

This standard is applicable to the shutdown and closing of cabinets. Environmental protection standards require multiple cabinets of different materials such as grid lines. The dimensions of cabinets marked on multiple different materials will not cause any danger during cabinet shutdown.

● Explosion proof grade: Explosion proof grade up to 99MPa, explosion proof grade up to 93MPa, explosion proof grade up to 10MPa, explosion proof grade up to 993MPa, explosion proof grade up to 99MPa, 304 316 nickel.

Signal instrument: In order to carry signal instruments, Lenovo and other devices for electricity measurement, a 50A/80AGV charging battery and corresponding charging control instruments are also built-in, such as power control, timing check converter, etc.

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