The new regulations on export router machine have caused problems on the XX stage, and the reform of government mechanisms is a meaningful sign. However, the purpose of two-level coordination and collaboration between the government is only to inherit and improve the front line of China’s industrial machinery automation equipment industry for more competitive enterprises in the country, and to ensure the participation of valuable enterprises in the construction of the national economy.

Key industries include tool machines, aerospace equipment, ships and transportation equipment, engineering machinery, military equipment, electrical equipment, decoration structural machinery, steel structures, laser welding equipment, precision processing equipment, medical equipment, robots, hydraulic and chemical engineering, Sichuan Yiduo industry, etc.

KHRA series CNC turret punch machine (oblique angle CNC, whole machine line section) (BXD, oblique angle), with high positioning accuracy and smooth chip removal.

More than 100% of the production capacity of electrical frequency converters, stepper motors, servo motors, PLCs, SIEMENS touch screens, Siemens systems, 828D, and other equipment has achieved a sales revenue growth of more than 20%, resulting in a total product growth of 100 million yuan in sales within 1-3 years.

Realize the sales of the company’s products to the domestic market, comprehensively improve the main performance indicators to three configurations, and configurations of over 25 specifications and models, with sales revenue of 15 billion yuan within three years.

Equipped with core functional components such as export and export automation transformation, production automation, complete program modules, systems, manufacturing enterprise line vision/on-site precise inspection and control, production equipment modules, imported and domestically produced rate encoders, intelligent and networked benchmark equipment, and robotic adhesive coating production lines.

Establish an automated process equipment warehouse, automation technology equipment, mechatronics integration technology equipment automation, machine vision and robotics, automatic upload of inspection and measurement instruments, etc., to achieve customized production.

We have core products such as mold manufacturing, processing, sales, after-sales service, technical service, installation and debugging, including orders, quality, import and export, and after-sales service.

We have developed our own software and hardware factory building, which is an intelligent logistics equipment with self-developed capabilities such as precision centrifuge layout, fully enclosed attached cables, industrial cable number output, movable touch display, 4G communication, visual detection, etc.

The non-standard customized production line for robots consists of two sets of large plastic steel multifunctional slider structures, two sets of robot belt pulley transmission wheels, two sets of frames, a total of 700 sets of specialized equipment assembly, including robot belt pulley transmission wheels, deflection hopper, and three sets of fork frames. Each part is easy to program and the blind holes are very smooth.

The main reasons for the formation of workpiece delivery speed include: careful research on demand and ordering equipment; Establish a Xike general business platform system;

Create application rules such as “bottom down”, “online”, “power frequency time”, “investigation time”, and “push paper”, and conduct investigations around typical applications. Successfully acquired rolling mill types from countries such as Omron and Green, and occupied a dominant position in the total number of rolling mills.

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