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Founded in FEB 2005.  Weish CNC Co., Ltd. is a professional CNC machine manufacturer concentrating all its resources on developing and building CNC 5 axis gantry milling machine, CNC boring mill,router machine and CNC vertical lathe with C axis. Ever since its early days, Weish CNC has operated with “elitism ” as its business philosophy, focusing upon efficient management of human resources .

We are focus on 5 Axis CNC machine developing and offers very professional solution to our clients.
Norman Weaver
Syracuse, NY

XKH series five-axis linkage gantry machining center: the gantry frame is fixed, the movement of the table on the bed is the X axis, the movement of the headstock in the saddle is the Z axis, and the movement of the saddle and the headstock on the beam is the Y axis.

The rotation of the swing head around the Z axis is the C axis, and the rotation of the electric spindle around the X axis is the A axis.

The Z-axis of this series of machine tools is surrounded by four imported roller linear guide rails to ensure transmission rigidity and quick response.

This machine tool adopts the structural form in which the workbench is fixed and the beam and other components move back and forth. Imported A/C attachment head with electric spindle, 25m/min rapid traverse speed, Z-axis four-line rail, large ram structure has the characteristics of high rigidity, high speed, stability and high efficiency, and is suitable for the processing of civil aviation parts.

The five-axis head imported from Europe is selected. Various specifications of spindle power and speed are available for customers to choose.

Quality with ISO 9001 seal

Weish Machines has an exhaustive quality control for each of its machines which makes us leaders in conventional machinery. Our expert mechanics take great care to verify each and every phase of the assembly of the machines in our facilities giving a three-year guarantee on parts.

Our commitment is to offer our customers a long-lasting product in optimal conditions for machining once it arrives at their facilities.

That is why we have ISO 9001 and TÜV Rheinland certification, which keeps us at the forefront of machine tools.

Technical Service

Weish CNC specialized technicians located at strategic points of national and international geography to carry out the installation, commissioning and maintenance of your Follow Machines.

Weish CNC technicians are previously trained in the line of assembly and verification of the own brand, training that gives them a deep knowledge of the product allowing them to perform any mechanical or electronic repair of the machine in record time.

After sales service

Weish CNC commitment is to support our customers who purchase any of our machine and gives very quick reaction of any problems happened to the machine

Weish Machines has a after sales service of conventional machinery with a national and international quality service that has the seal of the prestigious company TÜV Rheinland. Our commitment is to offer the best customer service from day one.

Our Clients

We cooperate with popular brands all over the world